About Supermodel

Supermodel is the in-house content management platform of web standards and iOS design and development studio, Cactuslab. Supermodel is made available free of licensing charges for client projects, but is not available to other implementers at this time. Please to arrange a demonstration.

Supermodel Technology

Supermodel is a 2-tier J2EE enterprise-level content management solution designed to make websites easily maintainable regardless of front-end design considerations. Supermodel offers a comprehensive web-based “back office” admininstration interface enabling site owners to control all aspects of their web site, including text, images, multimedia assets, user-generated content and more. Supermodel is most often deployed under Linux using a Tomcat/Apache stack backed onto a PostgreSQL database (Oracle and MS SQL also supported). Cactuslab will host your project, or provide assistance to clients wishing to host their own sites.